A stunning photo book showing individuality, the fashion, and the sexiness of the modern beard. A year of work, more than 1000 people involved and more than 300 photo shoots. A diverse mix of everyday New Yorkers, traders, barmen, actors, doctors…Read more or ORDER NOW

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Professional Photography and Headshots

Greg’s commercial offer includes Headshots and Portraits, Product and Corporate Photography. He presents a large professional portfolio with portraits of TV and Media professionals, Design and Couture entrepreneurs, Fashion and Luxury business leaders, writers and authors published by Penguin, Random House, and Harper Collins. Greg’s work is featured in international magazines, newspapers, book, catalogues and publications in Europe and in the US. READ MORE

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Creative Portfolio

Greg borrows from classical European art and his fashion background to create elaborate portrait photography series for his books or his exhibits. His style mixes clean sophistication with playfulness while he masters light with an experienced eye, refined technique, and exquisite taste. READ MORE

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About Greg Salvatori

Greg Salvatori is an award winning portrait photographer based in New York. Born on the border between France and Italy, he grew up on the Riviera and was influenced by its sophisticated beauty. He studied in Tuscany and in England, and has lived in Florence, Paris and London. In 2014 he moved to New York… READ MORE

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